Friday, December 14, 2012

Joy in Photos

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Note: Please submit your orders to me at to process your orders through the secure site, PayPal.  Also you can e-mail me your orders and pay via money order.  You're welcome to phone me for details.  My number is (202) 388-1280.

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Welcome to Photo Flourish Quick.  This is my blog for those who desire to zero in with quick views of some of my product line.  For those who are inclined to view a wider selection of offered products, please click on this link

On this site are displays of photo magnets, key rings, sample photos of calendar magnets, and Thank You cards.  The Thank You card photos are displayed on a separate tab right below the header photo of the sunset shown above. 

The magnet and key ring photo displays are located below this post as you scroll down.

Suggestions for key rings and magnets = give to: 

- convention, seminar and conference registrants and guests.

- wedding guests and wedding party members.

- senior citizens.  Many of them are lonely and neglected.

- homeless people and veterans.  Homeless people typically have lockers and storage units that have needs for key usage.   

- delivery people.

- co-workers.

- barbers, beauticians and nail technicians.

- strangers as you go about your errands and appointments.

- receptionists and other personnel at medical offices. 

- hospital patients.


My reasonably priced products make great gifts for you or for others to enjoy the various messages of encouragement.


See below posts for size information and other details.

Thank you for your care and consideration, and hopefully, patronage.