Saturday, December 8, 2012

Key Rings and Sample Photos of Calendar Magnets

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Note: Please submit your orders to me at to process your orders through the secure site, PayPal.  Also you can e-mail me your orders and pay via money order.  You're welcome to phone me for details.  My number is (202) 388-1280.

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You can add your own brief expressions to the key ring photos shown below.  For an example of that, see the photos and words on the key rings shown here. 

Example of what will appear on the backs of the key rings:  

Copyright 2012 - S. Hicks

Example: Whatever photos and/or words are selected for the front of the subject key rings will also appear on the backs accompanied by the address to Photo Flourish and the copyright statement.  There are four exceptions to that as shown in photos K7 11, K7 12, K7 16 and K7 17 below.  Those are two photo key rings. 

Note: See photo #K7 29below to note how text appears on back of key rings.  Text colors on key rings match the photos on the
subject key rings.      

Size: 2.25" x 1.6"  

Key ring sample photo:

#K7 15

Note: When I wear tee shirts,
I wear my key rings
sometimes as necklaces.  
I remove the large silver rings
from the key rings and thread
a chain or a black rope through
the small silver rings on the key rings.
The above photo shows an example.  

The black rope is similar to what
we use to hang i.d. badges. 

Suggestions for key rings and magnets = give to:

- convention, seminar and conference registrants and guests.

- wedding guests and wedding party members.

- senior citizens.  Many of them are lonely and neglected.

- homeless people and veterans.  Homeless people typically have lockers and storage units that have needs for key usage.   

- delivery people.

- co-workers.

- barbers, beauticians and nail technicians.

- strangers as you go about your errands and appointments.

- receptionists and other personnel at medical offices. 

- hospital patients.


Most Recent Additions: 

K7 40

K7 38 (front)
K7 38 (back)

K7 37

K7 30

The same photo can be ordered
with the following words:
K7 30 A - Whatever It Is, It's Not Bigger Than GOD

K7 31 (back)

K7 32

The same photo can be ordered
with the following words:

K7 32A - Senior Level Beauty
(That was worded with senior citizens in mind.)

K7 32 B - Above All, Believe GOD

K7 33

K7 34

K7 34A is the same birds photo with
the following words:

Doing Love and Truth
Is Freedom

K7 35

K7 36

K7 37 (back)

K7 29 (back)

K7 25

K7 4

K7 23 (back)

This has a matching magnet.
(sold separately)

K7 26 (back)

K7 28 (back)

K7 24

K7 19 (front)

This has a matching magnet.
(sold separately)

K7 20 (front)

This key ring can also
be ordered as K7 21
 with the words:

Far Above
All Power  
K7 2 (back)

The following are also available as key rings:
K7 3

This has a similar magnet
and #N7 card.
(sold separately)

K7 5

K7 6

K7 7

This has a matching magnet
and #N7 card.
 (sold separately)

K7 8

This has a matching magnet
and #N7 card.
(sold separately)

K7 14

Note: Word position
was changed to read
as follows:

Whatever It is,
It's Not Bigger
Than GOD

This has a matching
(sold separately)

K7 15

 Note: A few of the key rings have matching magnets (sold separately).  You can view magnets and Thank You cards by clicking here

Note: Magnets are larger than the key ring sizes.  See magnet page for size dimensions.  Lots of people like the magnets to place on their refrigerators and file cabinets.

If you're inclined to view a wider selection of Photo Flourish products, please click this link

Note: Favorites are calendar magnets, which folks like to place on refrigerators and file cabinets.

Here are sample photos of calendar magnets:

Please click this link to view order numbers and more calendar magnet information/selections

Thank you for your care and consideration.