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Thank you.


Years ago "Thank You" cards were regularly sent and given to express gratitude and appreciation.  In current society, "Thank You" cards aren't often sent and given.  Many people have relaxed in that extension of courtesy.  Others have chosen electronic methods of saying, "Thank you."

My response is to share what a friend of mine stated after receiving a card from me.  She expressed, "In this day and time with all the automation, it is really nice to receive a card."

Photo Flourish has some stunning photo "Thank You" cards that can be ordered blank inside or with text inside.  If you're so inclined, you can order and provide your own text to go inside.

The cards here are sold per pkg of 10 -- $19.99 per pkg ($1.99 per card)

If you elect, words other than "Thank you" can be placed on the front of all the cards below.  Also, you can elect to order the subject cards blank inside or with your chosen words printed inside.

Note 1: The manner in which the photos on here are labeled, "COPYRIGHT BY S. HICKS" or "COPYRIGHT BY M. PHELPS" is not how such appears on the actual products. Those large copyright notices are ONLY for display on this blog to discourage folks from copying the photos from here.  

The copyright/blog address statements will be in black text on the back of the cards.  

Note 2: Unless otherwise noted on this blog, the cards are available as note cards, the #N7 product line - 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" and greeting cards, the #G7 product line - 4-1/2" x 7-1/8".  When ordering, please precede the order numbers shown below with your style selection. 

Example: If you desire the note card size, please precede your request choices with #N7 included with the photo numbers shown under each photo.  If you elect the subject photos in the greeting card size, please precede your request choices with #G7 included with the photo number shown under each photo. 

* Unless otherwise noted, card samples below are for blank in the inside.  You can choose to order them (10 minimum per photo) with text that you select. 


This is a card designed to give

for gifts received during
the holiday season.

Written inside:

Thank you for adding
to my holiday cheer.
I appreciate that you
care and share.

TH 18

Inside are the words:

Thank you for

the treasure
that you are.

The subject photo, in black/white,

is inside the card. 

TH 19

TH 20

TH 1

TH 2

TH 3

This card is also available with
the following printed inside:

Thank you for your patronage.

Certainly, it is welcome and appreciated.

On the actual card,
Thank You is in yellow text.

Note: The text, Thank You, on the front
of card was changed from being in
the center of the card to being
placed at the bottom.

TH 4

Note: The text on the actual card
is slightly different (font) and the
color of text is orange.

TH 5

This card is also available with the
following printed inside:

I appreciate the pleasure 
of your generous heart
and how you share from it.

Abundantly, I thank you. 

TH 6

TH 7

TH 8

TH 9

TH 10

Not available in #G7 - 4-1/2" x 7-1/8"

TH 11

TH 12

TH 13

TH 14

The text on the actual card is a bit more yellowish,
closer to the yellow color in center of flower.

TH 15

The text on the actual card is a deeper pink,
closer to the color of the buds in the photo.

TH 16

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Thank you for your care and consideration.